Japanese Akoya Pinkish Hues Neckwear

Japanese Akoya Pinkish Hues Neckwear

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Akoya Pearls are  considered to be the classic pearl used for necklaces and other pearl jewellery, with perfect round shapes, bright mirror-like lustre and neutral colours. 

Pearl Size: 6-6.5 mm

Necklace Length: 16 inches with 1.5 inches adjustable clasp

Pearl Colour: White with Soft Pink Hues 

The Akoya pearl is a Saltwater Cultured Pearl from the Akoya oyster (Pinctada fucata martensii). 

During the Pearl Grading process, the environment or habitat that the pearl originated from is detected. Authentic Akoya Pearls are Saltwater Cultured Pearls , which is stated on the Authenticity Certificate that we provide. 

We set our pearl strings in 925 silver and 18K gold, as required. 

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