South Seas Pearls Neckwear

South Seas Pearls Neckwear

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Of all the cultured pearl varieties on the market today, South Sea pearls are the undisputed leaders in value. Their large size, combined with the relative scarcity, make them among the most desired as well. 

South Sea pearls are known to have the thickest nacre layers of all cultured saltwater pearl types. The South Sea pearl's luster is softer in appearance than that of the Japanese Akoya Pearls. The South Sea Pearls are also know for the slight blemishes on their surface, owning to their large sizes. 

Pearl Size: 11-12 mm

Necklace Length: 16 inches with 1.5 inches adjustable clasp

Pearl Colour: Soft Golden  

The South Sea pearl is a Saltwater Cultured Pearl from the South Sea oyster (Pinctada maxima).  

During the Pearl Grading process, the environment or habitat that the pearl originated from is detected. Authentic South Sea Pearls are Saltwater Cultured Pearls, which is stated on the Authenticity Certificate that we provide. 

We set our pearl strings in 925 silver and 18K gold, as required. 

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