About us

Inspired by the timeless beauty and musicality of nature, we have aspired to create a contemporary line of high-end jewellery for you.  Each of these pieces have been handcrafted with love and care, set in very high-quality freshwater pearls.

Fallaknumaa is our attempt to revive the glory, sophistication, and luxury of handcrafted freshwater pearl jewellery. Our karigars (jewellery makers) come from a long line of jewellery makers for many generations. Their work is their livelihood, their art, their pride. 

All Fallaknumaa designs are inspired by my sketches, which have been brought to life by our karigars. The sketches are a culmination of a lifetime of music, art and culture. A corporate professional for almost two decades, Fallaknumaa is my creative child! 

Fallaknumaa Founder and Owner | Aroti Akash Tugnait


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