Privacy Policy

Fallaknumaa and its customers connected by trust. The business between the two is more like a relation that the former wants for a sustainable period. On behalf of this, Fallaknumaa has issued their privacy policy, and we hold the sole right to change the policy without an intimation to the customer. We provide our customers to visit the website and the products like an anonymous body. But once you have issued any information about yourself, the anonymity is erased. We will utilise that information about you to carry on personal targeting to the customers to notify of any offers and newsletters etc at intervals as deemed fit by Fallaknumaa. Your privacy and personal information is completely secure with Fallaknumaa.

The personal details like contact details of customers, choice of gifts and date of delivery required at the time of placing order are kept secured in our Merchant Server Database. We don’t collect credit card information which customers enter while they place orders at our website. Their credit card number gets entered in the form directly provided by the Credit Card Payment Gateway which is completely a safe and secure gateway, that is being used by huge businesses world over.